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Continued fighting in cities such as Aleppo have recently been at devastating levels, with civilian areas including schools and hospitals being bombarded.

Of the 300,000 civilians inside Eastern Aleppo, local figures suggest 155,000 are women and 21,000 are children under two.

Islamic Relief is one of the only NGOs still operational inside Syria’s most densely populated city

Islamic Relief inside Aleppo

Islamic Relief is one of the very few NGOs that still has an operational office inside Aleppo city. The team are working day and night in these very difficult conditions to help the people of across the city.

We have helped prepare the country’s biggest city for this moment, stockpiling medical supplies for Aleppo’s hospitals, but its people are now under siege.

We have also prepared stock ready for distribution and the Syria team is also refilling a warehouse just outside Aleppo in preparation for the reopening of any route back into the city.

A country destroyed

Over 250,000 people have been killed in the ongoing war and millions have fled their homes, seeking refuge outside of the country as well as within Syria. Over half of the people of Syria need humanitarian assistance to fulfil their basic needs.

Islamic Relief’s response to the crisis

Since the conflict began Islamic Relief has delivered more than $276 million worth of aid inside Syria and in neighbouring countries, assisting over millions of Syrians. We are distributing food packs, clothes and medical supplies to communities under siege within Syria and displaced people along the Turkish border. We are also running or supporting camps and providing livelihood programmes, education and psychosocial support for refugees in LebanonJordan and Iraq. In Europe our teams are assisting Syrian refugees in Greece, Italy, Macedonia and Germany.

Posted in: Current Appeals on Wednesday, 04 Feb, 2015
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