Ramadan 2017

Feed the fasting

HK$280 food packs in Albania, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Chad, Chechnya, China, India, Kosovo, Malawi, Myanmar, Niger, Sri Lanka
HK$500 food packs in Afghanistan, Pakistan, South Sudan, Zimbabwe
HK$600 food packs in Ethiopia, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Palestine, Somalia, Syria, Yemen

Last year, with your support, Islamic Relief reached over 1 million people with food for a month. This enabled those that were fasting to break their fast at iftar with a nutritious meal. In addition to this, all food items are purchased locally, which helps the local economy, and ensures that the food provided is suitable and familiar to the families receiving. The Ramadan food programme is designed to complement longer-term relief and development projects that provide sustainable ways to improve living conditions.

Solutions to Hunger

When floods, droughts or earthquakes happen, or in the event of war, Islamic Relief is there: providing life-saving supplies to families who have lost completely everything. Where immediate support is required, such as in Syria, Yemen and Nepal, we provide essential food for families to see them through when they are most vulnerable. This can be in the form of a family food pack, consisting of staples such as rice, pasta, beans and bread, or through feeding centres, which treat malnourished children, helping them regain their childhood.

In more stable environments, we help communities start farms and irrigate lands, which can survive in harsh conditions, so they have food all year round. Our aim is to enable families and whole communities to be able to sustain themselves and no longer have to rely on charity for survival, thus truly breaking free from poverty.

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