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Islamic Relief delivers a number of essential food related projects, whether distributing life-saving family packs in an emergency, or long-term sustainable programmes. Children are often hit hardest by food shortages, so we conduct feeding programmes to fight malnutrition, preventing countless health problems in the future and saving lives. All around the world, we have implemented successful initiatives, such as food banks in Niger, feeding centres in Bangladesh, treatment for malnourished children in Somalia, farm irrigation in Gaza…the list goes on.

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said “There is a reward on giving food and drink to every living creature.” (Bukhari)

Current project – Chad

In Chad, low rainfall often results in entire villages being short on food, leaving 2 in 5 children malnourished, stunted and underweight. Islamic Relief is working in the Sila Province, giving over 23,000 people the tools to produce food all year round. Not only are wells dug to irrigate land for years to come, farmers are provided seeds to grow crops which can survive the dry season, and building up food savings so that when times are hard, no-one needs to go hungry.

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